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7 Minutes Workout Fitness


Did you know that you can achieve your dream body by working out for 7 minutes with just your smartphone, a chair and… a wall?The “7 Minutes Workout Fitness” app will give you the desired weight loss, toned body and even a better cardiovascular function level. This app is based on the scientifically proven and highly effective high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You’ll be in better shape more than ever without the hassle of going to the gym and the risk of overuse injuries.
How this app can give this miracle, you say? Just check out what this app can do:- Be your personal trainer. Every exercise comes with a link to a tutorial video on how to properly do an exercise so you can get the most of each exercise without the risk of injuries.- Motivate you to workout. You can activate a reminder in the settings to keep you from skipping any workout session. Each session has 12 exercises done for 30 seconds with 10 seconds pause between them so you won’t feel like the workout is going on for forever. You won’t even notice that the time is up! - Be your friend. Are you a beginner, a busy person or your muscles have forgotten about exercise may be? Don’t worry, this app has a feature where you can pause your progress so you can continue when your body is ready. When you’re up and ready, you can push the continue, previous exercises or next buttons and get right back on track. - Be with you anytime, anywhere. The “7 Minutes Workout Fitness” is basically a pocket gym; do you have a spare time at work? You can do a 7 minutes quick fit or repeat circuits – it’s your call.
Download this app and take a step into a healthier and toned body. Remember, the “7 Minutes Workout Fitness” app is just one tap away! Have a happy workout!